B.S.I.E., Lehigh University; M.S., M.S.O.R., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

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Pfeifer Hangs Up His Chalk, 2017

 My last Darden class was February 23, 2017. Section C went to great lengths to make it memorable. Read about it here: 

University of Notre Dame, Adjunct Professor, 2012.Handing Max Pfeifer his Diploma 2012

I taught Statistics in Business to two sections of Sophomore Business majors and helped with the 2012 graduation ceremony for the ND Men's Lacrosse Team.

Stevens Institute of Technology, Adjunct Professor, 2010.

I taught an elective in the undergraduate Business and Technology program Spring semester.


2012 Award for Best Paper, First runner-up, Journal of Interactive Marketing

"On Estimating Current-Customer Equity Using Company Summary Data," Journal of Interactive Marketing 25(1), 2011, 1-14. This paper caused a stir with its criticism of the Journal's 2004 Best paper. The Journal published comments from Scott A. Neslin, Peter S. Fader and Bruce G.S. Hardie; Rajkumar Venkatesan; and Thorsten Wiesel, Bernd Skiera, and Julian Villanueva.

Darden's Luckiest Student Event 2007 and 2008 (with Sam Bodily)

Hideki InoueDarden's luckiest student picked one of 2 identical briefcases. Hideki Inoue ended up with nothing in 2007. Max Park got $18,750 in 2008. For more, see Bodly and Pfeifer, "Darden's Luckiest Student: Lessons from a High Stakes Risk Experiment," Decision Analysis 7(4), December 2010, pp.331-345.

Pfeifer's Model

Blattberg, Kim and Neslin (2008) were nice enough to refer to some work I did as Pfeifer's model.

Winner of a 2008 Wachovia Award for Distinguished Case Writer
(photo of four of the five 2008 winners appears to the right)

Turning Chris Anderson's Long Tail on its Head (July, 2007)
If you think a blockbuster hit belongs in the tail of the distribution, then Chris Anderson's popular book THE LONG TAIL should be renamed THE TALL HEAD

Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance (Farris, Bendle, Pfeifer, and Reibstein, 2006)

marketing metrics"For CEOs and those in the marketing trenches needing accountability, this is the best marketing book of the year." Strategy + Business, 2006.

"..I think [this book] should be required reading by anyone calling themselves a marketer." Ken Dec, ART+science, March, 2007.

Winner of a 2010 Darden Wachovia Award.  Together with second edition, 58K copies sold.

Data Analysis and Optimization Web Page of Fame

Where Darden Students and their summer accomplishments have been celebrated since 2006. Darden News 2009 report on the DAO webpage of fame (7 minute video)

Network Effects and Customer Lifetime Value

Most authors suggest that Customer Lifetime Value represents the upper limit on acquisition spending. In a 1999 paper, I pointed out that in most cases...this just isn't so!

Quantitative Business Analysis Text and Cases (Bodily, Carraway, Frey, and Pfeifer)

The text and case book written in 2002 by the Darden School QA area.

The Darden School Rolls Out the Beer Game (2002 Music video of Darden first years playing the beer game.)

Almost Everything I Need to Know about the New Economy, I Learned Playing Monopoly (Farris and Pfeifer, 2001 paper)


How to pronounce Pfeifer

Ted Pfeifer (my older son) played lacrosse for the Stevens Ducks 2008-2011.

Homecoming King (10 second video of news coverage of me being crowned homecoming King in 2006---as stand in for Ted)

 leesleesaa -- a business Ted had a hand in creating. Need a great mattress delivered to your door?
Sapira  - Ted's latest product/project for Leesa---these mattresses have pocket springs.

Leesa.co.uk - In 2015 Ted worked for Leesa UK in manchester.

Max Pfeifer (my younger son) was one of three captains for the 2012 Notre Dame Lacrosse team.

ESPN sportscenter coverage of 2012 12-10 victory over UVA.  Max was "Capital One Player of the Game"

Max Pfeifer Commits
(local sports coverage of Western lacrosse team when my younger son verbally committed to Notre Dame 5/4/07)

Glassdoor -- where Max works. If your company wants to learn more about how glassdoor can help them with their recruiting needs, contact Max Pfeifer (max.pfeifer@glassdoor.com) and tell him his Dad sent you.

Driving Around The USA

Garmin Track of the TripIn 2015 my wife and I traced the perimeter of the lower 48 towing our T@G travel trailer.

College Lax Highlight Videos