Susan Chaplinsky
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Selected Publications

Working Papers


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Working Papers: (pdf format)

Financing Under Extreme Uncertainty: Evidence from Private Investments in Public Equities, (with David Haushalter) Darden School working paper, May, 2005.

U.S. Bound IPOs: Issue Costs and Selective Entry (R. Bruner and L. Ramchand) forthcoming Financial Management

The Impact of SEC Rule 144A on Corporate Debt Issuance by Foreign Firms (with L. Ramchand) forthcoming Journal of Business

Coming to America: A Study of IPOs in the U.S. by Foreign Firms, (with R. Bruner and L. Ramchand), Darden School working paper, June 1999.

Great Expectations: Banks as Equity Underwriters, (with Gayle R. Erwin) Darden School working paper, February 2005.


British Petroleum UVA-F-1263 - Amoco Oil UVA-F-1262 (with L. Lynch): case merger simulation and teaching note,

WorldCom, Inc.: Corporate Bond Issuance, case and teaching note, UVA-F-1237

Harbor Capital Appreciation Fund: Equity Investment Decision, case and teaching note, UVA-F-1233

Diva Shoes, Inc., case and teaching note, UVA-F-1222

Signet Banking Corporation, case and teaching note, UVA-F-1221

Polaroid Corporation, 1996 (with R. Bruner), case and teaching note, UVA-F-1181

MCI, Inc.: Capital Structure Theory (with R. Harris), case and teaching note, UVA-F-1175

United Airlines: Employee Buyout, case and teaching note, UVA-F-1133

California Federal Bank, F.S.B., case and teaching note, UVA-F-1144

Eagle Finance Corporation (A), case and teaching note, UVA-F-1095

Eagle Finance Corporation (B), case and teaching note, UVA- F-1102