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  INDUCTEE:  Will Teichman

YEAR:   2008

CATEGORY: Regression


In the process of creating Target’s first inventory of water consumption across all facilities, Will Teichman used regression analysis to identify the primary drivers of water usage for the purposes of prioritizing future water-saving initiatives. 

Target Corporation consistently ranks as one of the most responsible corporations in America – giving away 5% of profits and striving to operate its stores in a manner that is environmentally responsible.  As the company’s first MBA intern in the area of sustainability, Will brought an analytical eye to the challenge of measuring and understanding the company’s water footprint.  The goal of the project was to prepare the company to address an emerging environmental issue by using available data to identify opportunities to improve water efficiency. 

Will worked closely with functional experts from across the organization – including store design, operations, and sourcing – to collect data on water consumption and other key store characteristics.  He constructed a database that served as a centralized repository for this data - containing monthly water utility data, and bringing together information on store size, location, surrounding retail context, operating activities, and other key characteristics.  The database served as a virtual pivot table – eliminating duplicate information and providing the capability to aggregate and analyze the data by store, state, region, etc.   

Will extracted a dataset that allowed him to regress annual store water consumption on a number of store characteristics.  This analysis revealed 8 store characteristics that correlate with significantly higher or lower water use. 

Using the insights gained from Will’s project, the company is exploring a number of water use reduction projects that will shrink the company’s water footprint and reduce operating expenses.