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  INDUCTEE:  Anand Rao

YEAR:   2008

CATEGORY: Pivot Tables


During his internship with Bain, Anand Rao used pivot tables to create organisational charts based on reporting relationships and  cost centers.  Bain’s Client, a Telecom company’s Business Unit, did not have an accurate picture of their organisation and needed to figure out ‘who is where’ to facilitate Organisation re-design.

The original employee-level data was in excel format tagged with cost centre information.  Anand used iterative ‘vlookup’ functions to assign hierarchical levels to each employee. Several pivot tables were then used to organise the data to provide different views. The final output were views of organisation by reporting structure, by Line of Business and Unit, an overview of unit and location and overview by employee type. The client used this information and recommendations to facilitate successful re-organization as per strategic priorities.