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  INDUCTEE:  Brian McCahill

YEAR:   2006

CATEGORY: Optimization


Brian McCahill built an optimization Excel model the Danaher Corporation used to create a manufacturing strategy for a new $100MM OEM program. The model helped the firm select from among four facilities around the world the one best suited for the production of motors for an industrial equipment manufacturer. The model considered cost and investment stemming from: supply chain and customer delivery logistics, inventory, import taxes, equipment and tooling, labor, and overhead.

In the words of Dave Banyard 04: "Brian was given a broad problem and no standard work to guide him. He was able to quickly assess the key drivers of the problem and build a strong analysis to support his recommendations. He created a flexible model to build a manufacturing strategy for the Industrial equipment manufacturer project and quantified risks where applicable. The model allows for future use on other projects with laser insight on location and supply chain structure."