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  INDUCTEE:  Kevin Kosefeski

YEAR:   2007

CATEGORY: Optimization


Working as an operations intern for the Hach
Company, a Danaher subsidiary in Loveland, Colorado, Kevin Kosefeski built an optimization model in Excel to determine the weekly production schedule of hand-held digital test strip readers used in the pool and spa market. The test strip readers were manufactured for Hach at a Danaher factory in Shanghai, China. The excel model covered a future one-year period and considered forecasted weekly demand, inventory holding cost,  maximum unit production capacity, six week sea-shipping time, Chinese holidays, and excess capacity desired during the peak of seasonal demand. The Solver goal was minimization of inventory holding cost. In addition to building the model, Kevin trained the company’s low-cost-region manager on the use of Solver and provided her with the ability to update the production plan as the forecast changed. The Hach Vice-President of Operations remarked, “Kevin was given very little direction on his project. I framed up the problem and told him to go find the right people to work with. This was a complicated cross-country, multi-site, multi-continent problem, and Kevin plowed right ahead and provided Hach with a useful product for the future.”