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  INDUCTEE:  Bobby Jordan

YEAR:   2007

CATEGORY: Pivot Tables


As part of an organization-wide operational transformation project for a $16B California utility company, PRTM asked Bobby Jordan to lead the receiving process improvement efforts at the utility’s primary distribution center serving northern California.

The distribution center employed a legacy warehouse management system (WMS) that was extremely limited in its ability to generate useful reports for managing the receiving process, though valuable raw data could be extracted. Bobby developed a daily process of importing extracted data into Excel from WMS, using the V-lookup function to segment the data into different major groups of receipt categories, and summarizing the data in a pivot table. The pivot table was then used to track daily cycle time averages, standard deviations, and volumes for the different major receipt categories. This enabled visual charting to track the team’s progress and provide daily feedback for guiding decisions regarding the improvement effort.

At the end of 12 weeks, by using the pivot table manipulated data for guidance in implementing “lean” methods, the team managed to reduce weekly average receiving cycle time from 62.77 hours to 36.63 hours, improve receipts per labor-hour by 24%, and deliver the work stream to the client six-weeks ahead of the project schedule. This landed Bobby the following praise from the Director leading the transformation project:

"Bob, you've done a great job getting your team to today's decision. I could not imagine a summer associate accomplishing more than you have this summer."

Where Innovation Operates

The statistical significance of the reduction in average cycle time was tested using an unpaired t-test implemented in Excel. The test resulted in a calculated T-stat of 7.01 and a P-value less than 0.00, indicating that it is safe to reject the null hypothesis that the two means are equal.