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  INDUCTEE: Rayborn, Ryan

YEAR:  2009

CATEGORY:   Regression and Pivot Tables


Ryan first used Pivot Tables to analyze what in his words were “very ugly” data on the sales of Coke products at Target stores and determined at what level it was appropriate to try to forecast sales.   Next he turned to regression to identify those variables that were important predictors, which then became inputs into the forecasting model.  To accommodate the company’s requirement to coca cola logocreate a matrix of volume forecasts, Ryan conducted yet another round of pivot table analysis.   The final forecasting model or “system” Ryan created is now being tested in parallel with the company’s legacy system.  As Ryan put it, “May the best model win.  I’m hoping it’s mine.”

Ryan’s efforts drew the following praise from his manager:

“Ryan did an excellent job on the Volume Forecasting project. He thoroughly researched the best practices employed by [the company] …and tested a prototype of a working model that may prove useful in helping us to better predict sales. Additionally, Ryan offered solid recommendations on ways that we can improve our existing processes, such as using a zero cost Excel add-in or training in statistical methods.”