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2009 rayborn photo
Rayborn, Ryan
Regression and Pivot Tables The forecasting system Ryan Rayborn constructed to predict sales of Coke products in Target stores outperformed their legacy system and is currently being subjected to side-by-side testing prior to roll out.   More.
Potter, Benjamin
Regression Ben Potter used regression analysis to make inferences about the extent to which lower prices led to higher online sales for Geico relative to Progressive.  More.
2009 burke photo
Burke, Josh
Pivot Tables To quickly and accurately quantify the benefits to Campbell Soup of implementing his suggestion to classify correctly that portion of trade liabilities that are non-current, Josh Burke applied a pivot table to data on the prior year’s 60,000 separate trade promotions.  More.
2009 Kevin Graney Photo
Graney, Kevin
Time Series Natural Resource Partners (one of the country’s largest owners of US coal properties) used to conduct simple best case/best guess/worst case analyses of projects until Kevin Graney came along and showed them how to use Crystal Ball to simulate a complete time series of future coal prices.  The new, more sophisticated, approach allows NRP to better quantify the value of projects –especially those involving contingent contracts.  More.
2009 Sidhartha Sinha Photo
Sinha, Sidhartha
Optimization To decide how best to process 150+ million pieces of mail each day, Sid Sinha built Merkle a Solver optimization model.  More.
Brillembourg, Roberto
Regression Roberto Brillembourg used regression analysis to help Kraft Foods measure the effectiveness of its TASSIMO coffee continuity program in increasing consumption of TASSIMO coffee.  More.

Shankar Raja
Raja, Shankar

Pivot Tables During his summer internship with BCG, Shankar Raja segmented the US healthcare market using Pivot Tables and developed a comprehensive, market based, bottom-up revenue forecast to inform the post-merger, strategic planning of a client firm. More.

Anand Rao
Rao, Anand

Pivot Tables During his internship with Bain, Anand Rao used pivot tables to create first-ever organizational charts based on the reporting relationships and cost center assignments contained in a client firm’s 2500-record employee database. More.
Richins, Christopher
Regression To help a client firm price its transportation offering, Christopher Richins used regression analysis during his internship with Bain & Company  to build a model forecasting refrigerated trucking rates for shipping produce across the U.S.  More.

Will Teichman
Teichman, Will

Regression In the process of creating Target’s first inventory of water consumption across all facilities, Will Teichman used regression analysis to identify the primary drivers of water usage for the purposes of prioritizing future water-saving initiatives. More.
2008 Anand Veeraraghavan
Veeraraghavan, Anand

In order to select the best options for growth across five business units of an Indonesian energy company, Anand Veeraraghavan used a stochastic optimization model (built using Crystal Ball’s Optquest) that accounted for 25 key uncertainties and linkages across the business units.  More.

2007 Sarah Glass
Glass, Sarah
Pivot Tables and Regression Sarah Glass used Pivot Tables at Merck to consolidate patient-level prescription data for the $2B cholesterol drug ZETIA into 30+ sources of business as the basis for her regression-driven, bottom-up sales forecast. More.
2007 Alex Holsenbeck
Holsenbeck, Alex
Regression Alex Holsenbeck used regression to forecast stock-option exercise rates as a key component of his Crystal Ball model to forecast cash proceeds, taxes, and share dilution resulting from EMBARQ’s outstanding options. More.
2007 Bobby Jordan
Jordan, Bobby
Pivot Tables Bobby Jordan used pivot-table generated daily performance metrics to both guide and validate performance improvements his consulting team implemented for a distribution center shipping more than $120M annually. More.
2007 Kevin Kosefeski
Kosefeski, Kevin
Optimization Kevin Kosefeski used Solver to identify the optimum production schedule for a Danaher factory in China making hand-held digital test strip readers. More.  
2007 Gautam Sukumar
Sukumar, Gautam
Pivot Tables Because Gautam Sukumar used pivot tables to summarize the profitability of over 500K orders filled by Dell, the company now has an accurate understanding of configuration profitability.” More.
2007 Saul Yeaton
Yeaton, Saul
Inference Saul Yeaton used data analysis to convince TARGET that the 75% higher cosmetic sales in stores with in-store beauty advisors was due, for the most part, to how the advisors were assigned to stores. More.

Chris Langbein
Langbein, Christopher

Chris Langbein used regression to forecast monthly working capital
needs for ConocoPhillips.  More.


Mike Lorence
Lorence, Michael

Mike Lorence showed L-3 Vertex Aerospace how to use logistic regression and decision analysis to decide which projects to pursue.  More.


Douglas Polen
Polen, Douglas

Douglas Polen used regression analysis to determine the true source of profitability for Titan Virginia Ready-Mix’s business.


Brian McCahill
McCahill, Brian

Brian McCahill built an optimization Excel model the Danaher Corporation used to create a manufacturing strategy for a new $100MM OEM program.  More.


Matt Kirby
Kirby, Matthew
Pivot Tables

Matt Kirby used a Pivot Table to help Home Depot save millions of dollars.


Rick Ramsey
Ramsey, Rick
Time Series

Rick Ramsey built a time series forecasting model to help Gilbarco forecast monthly sales of its main
product, gas dispensers.  More.