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#8.  Find your Resonance/Flow/Zone.
Can you find it and invest in it before you die? 
 James G. S. Clawson
  Johnson & Higgins Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus
  Darden GSB, University of Virginia
  David L. Bradford Educator of the Year 2009, OBTC
""Leadership is about managing energy, first in yourself and then in those around you."
"Hope is not a strategy."     "It all comes down to VABEs."

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                                                                OTHER MATERIALS
A Song of Humanity:  A Science-Based Alternative to the World's Scriptures
Fundamentals of Level Three Leadership (including text and video clips) 
Teaching Management VIDEO CLIPS
Creating a Learning Culture
, with Marcia Conner  (2004 Cambridge University Press)
Practical Problems in Organizations: Cases in Leadership, HR and OB (2002, Prentice-Hall)

(see also Darden Executive Education 100+ programs)  
Power and Leadership Week-Long open enrollment Darden Executive Education Program: leading for change in self, team, and organization.  How to get below the surface in changing habits/routines for positive change.  One of Darden's longest running programs.

150+ short management cases you can teach, use or add to.
  SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOLS    (FEEDBACK for you to help with your job search.  To use with FindingFIT above or the COW below. )

Career Concepts (Qualtrics)
Locus of Control (Qualtrics)
Leadership Steps Assessment (LSA) (Qualtrics)
Survey of Managerial Style (VCM) (Qualtrics)
Orientation to Hierarchy (OH) Data Collection
Leadership Levels Assessment (LLA)
Balancing Your Life Balance Wheel Excel Spreadsheet
Relating MBA Disciplines and Common MBA Career Paths
Spirituality in Organizations  (Qualtrics)



  * Teaching Note: Chamberlain Exercise

Career Option Workbook (COW) Excel guidance for self-assessment data, analysis, and expected value career choices.  Used best in conjunction with FindingFIT above.

  Resonance slide show

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